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Akoya Pearls are the most popular pearl and are also the most well-known Saltwater Pearls. They are made from the akoya oyster (Pinctada fucata martensii). 
They were first cultured in Japanese Pearl Farms during the early twentieth century. Akoya Pearls can also be harvested in pearls farms in China, South Korea, Vietnam and Australia.


Akoya Pearls are usually very round and mostly come in white and cream colours with a rose or silver overtone. They usually range from 5mm to 10mm.


Akoya Pearls used to make a lot of jewellery. They are mostly used to make necklaces and pendants due to their perfectly round shapes. Akoya Pearls are beautiful to wear to any occasion.


Akoya Pearls are the third most expensive pearls (the first being South Sea Pearls and the second being Tahitian Pearls).


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